General Information

Updated 12/1/2019


GENERAL: With all travel, prices are subject to change until the time of booking and final payment is made. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment due to changes in availability and/or price.

PRICE-MATCH: If you see the same vacation with a published fare lower than ours, let us know, and we will price-match a competitor's rate when all variables are equal (i.e. same air, same resort, same room type, etc.) Some exceptions do apply, but we are happy to extend this offer to you whenever possible.  Ask for details. Offer only good prior to booking and deposit.

PASSPORTS: A valid passport is required for U.S. Citizens traveling internationally, including to Caribbean islands/territories. Visit for specific requirements. If you are not a U.S. Citizen please check with the consulate of the country to which you are traveling for requirements.

AIR: If you are booking air travel, such airfare is subject to the policies of the issuing airline and may be non-refundable once ticketed. Thereafter, any amendment or any changes to a reservation once booked and paid or deposited constitutes a cancellation and any ticket exchanges, changes, reissues and cancellations may require additional funds. Some fares may be non-refundable, non-cancellable, and non-changeable altogether when booked in Basic Economy.

AIR REGULAR ECONOMY: We recommend booking flights in "Regular Economy" or higher (business or first class). Regular economy flights usually include seat assignments, ability to bring carry on bag, among other amenities (depending on airline).

AIRLINE BASIC ECONOMY: “Basic Economy” is a discount fare class that exists within an airline’s economy cabin. Restrictions are placed upon the passengers that separate “Basic Economy” from other fare classes. The restrictions vary from Airline to Airline and are subject to change. Some common restrictions* with “Basic Economy” tickets are as follows: The ability to carry-on or utilize the overhead bins • The inclusion of a first free checked bag • The ability to pre-assign seats • The ability to pay for an upgrade • The ability to accrue miles and/or status • The ability to pre-check-in may be limited • The ability to refund and/or voluntarily change a ticket • The ability to fly standby • Access to the Airline Lounge • The ability to purchase Priority Boarding; Basic Economy will likely put you in the last Boarding Group. Since Basic Economy seats are not assigned until check-in, if a flight is oversold, you may be the first one to get bumped to another flight.

AIRLINE BAGGAGE FEES: Additional fees for baggage may apply. Generally, the first checked bag for most U.S. domestic airlines is $30.00.

AIRLINE SEAT SELECTION: Many airlines charge a fee for seat selection prior to check-in. Fees vary by airline and may be in effect whether or not the fare is booked in Basic Economy. Seat assignment procedures and rules vary by Airline.

PAYMENT TERMS: Credit Cards are required for all bookings, as this is the safest way to protect you as a consumer. In some cases, payment plans may be available.

TRAVEL PROTECTION: We strongly recommend travel insurance, which for most vacations, is very affordable. (See travel insurance download.) Without travel insurance, you are solely responsible for 100% of your trip and may not be eligible to receive a refund for any cancellations regardless of their nature. Cancel for Any Reason Insurance is extra and provides 75% of total cost (not including trip protection premium) for any non-covered situation that requires your trip to be canceled prior to trip as per contract (see Cover*More download). Note: Cover*More is not associated with other insurance plans such as Trip Secure.  See Our Special Cover-More Web Page Here 

ERRORS AND OMISSIONS: We make every effort to provide current and accurate information about the products and services we present to you; however, we are not responsible for changes made by tour operators, hotel and resort properties, airlines, third-party travel vendors, and other related transportation services who continuously update their own prices and offers. When such changes come to our attention, we will share that information with you and provide options prior to your deposit.